Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My favorite Charlotte Link's books.

in today's post I'm going to write some words down about the books I have totally fallen in love with...;)
Have you ever heard about Charlotte Link? I guess that some of you haven't so I decided to get you interested in her amazing books. She writes sensational books and thrillers, something I like reading the most ;)) 
Here's the list of books I have read:

  1. Charlotte Link- "Fox Valley" - Sunny day in August, the marriage of Matthew and Vanessa, who is surviving the crisis, decide to go on a ride, but both of them couldn't expected that Vanessa will never come back...She is a victim of kidnapping but the whole kidnapping turns out to be at least strange. Nobody requests ransom or calls Mtthew to inform him about anything..The police is looking for her endlessly but the whole investigation doesn't disclose anything..Vanessa's trace has missed. The whole story keeps the reader in suspense and you feel yourself very interested in what happens next..

     2.  Charlotte Link - " The Admirer"   
In the woods, near a small village in the area around Augsburg the mutilated body of a young woman has been found.
Police and relatives of the murdered are facing a real mystery , because the woman disappeared without trace a few years ago. Only a phone from her holiday's friend provides the first clues to the investigation ... 
At the same time in Frankfurt another story is going. Leona, 
satisfied with her life woman is the editor of the publishing house..Her happiness ends when her hausband
abandoned her for another woman
It's a real blow to a woman who had just witnessed the suicide....

                                                           3) Charlotte Link - "Shadow play" 

David Bellino, unscrupulous rich man receives anonymous death threats.
Fears and nightmares waking dream have been persecuted him for years.  
Mysterious messages become a pretext for confrontation with the past. David invites for a dinner four of his former friends. Their paths diverged in tragic circumstances.
Amazingly, all take the invitation. 
Guests want to reveal what haunted them for years and inform David how he hurt them. 
Will during the supper time David expose someone who wants his death?

These are only three books of her big collection of criminal stories. I hope that, I encouraged you although for some, to familiarize yourself with her writing style. 
Best regards! 
J.O ;)